Exam Preparation Classes

I am pleased to offer exam preparation classes for students sitting entry exams for a gifted program (e.g. SEAL - Select Entry Accelerated Learning)or a scholarship in 2017.

I have helped many students over the years prepare for uncoming exams and thoroughly enjoy the personalised nature of these classes.

The classes are for small groups and will help students to:

  • Know what to expect when they sit the exams
  • Practise completing past exams and understand how to improve their performance
  • Find out about the range of questions they will face and the best way to tackle each of them
  • Learn how to manage their nerves and time
  • Plan how to use their strengths to best advantage
  • Clarify their goals and focus their motivation

You canclick here for more informationor go straight tobookingsif this program is for your child.

Please call me if you would like to chat about whether this is suitable for your child.

- Penny.

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