Q1. What’s involved in the application process?

After submitting your Application Form, Penny will contact you to discuss your child’s suitability for the program and the result of your application.

If your child is accepted into the program, their place will be held for one week pending payment of the program fees. Payment Methods are described at the base of the Application Form.

Q2. Do I need the school’s permission for my child to attend the TOTB All Day program?

No, you don’t need your school’s permission when a program is held during the school holidays. However, if the program is held during school time, Penny encourages you to talk your child’s teacher about the child’s needs and the potential benefits of attendance at this program.

Where the teacher agrees, they may even be preparedto write a short recommendation for why your child would be suitable for and would benefit from the program. In any event, it is important that the child is recorded as being at an educational program.

Q3. Does the program accelerate the students’ learning in any subject matter?

No, this is not an traditional“accelarated learning” program.

The TOTB All Day program is quite unique and focuses on development of self-awareness as a gifted learner, thinking and problem solving skills. It aims to extend and challenge the students in these learning areas:

  • Thinking development and problem solving
  • Concept-based studies
  • Exploration and development of individual talent
  • Reflections on ‘giftedness’ and building resilience
  • Celebration of each child’s uniqueness and achievements

Q4. Can the student’s school get advice about how best to cater for the student when he/she is back in their normal classroom?

Yes. Upon request, Thinking Outside The Box professional education services will provide a free one-hour session that the school can use in any manner that supports the development of their gifted students. This could be a meeting with your student’s classroom teacher, or a Professional Learning session for all staff.

Q5. How do I know if this program may suit my child?

This specialised program is designed to meet the needs of children who are ‘highly gifted’ and who may have different learning needs to other children.

‘Highly gifted’ refers to children who have an intellectual reasoning ability well above others their age – in the top 5%. Your child is likely to be suitable for this program if he or she is switched on by being intellectually stimulated, craves the company of like-minded children, has fast-paced or more in-depth learning needs and is looking to find their place in the world.

An aptitude assessment can be arranged if you are unsure about your child’s intellectual reasoning ability. You are also invited tocontact Pennyto discuss your child’s suitability with her.

If you would like to find out more about the All Day program - or if you would simply like to hear more about giftedness and educating gifted children, from Penny and other acknowledged experts in the field - there are a number ofParent Information Eveningscoming up; these arefree.Teachers are also very welcome to attend.More information about these can be found here.


Q1. What’s it like to be at a Thinking Outside The Box All Day program?

It’s like going on an adventure with other kids who are just like you. You get each other’s jokes and you feel like you belong. While you’re there you’ll do lots of fun thinking and you’ll explore what it means to be gifted with other kids in the same boat as you. As well as that, you’ll get to challenge yourself on a topic of your choice. You’ll do something unique with that topic and you’ll be thrilled with what you achieve.

Q2. What if I don’t know what I’m talented at? How will I know what to do my project on?

It’s okay if you don’t know - lots of kids don’t. You might be good at lots of things but don’t love doing all of them. When you’re on the program you will do some activities that will help you work out which things you are really passionate about and choose one of these things to spend more time on.

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