Parent Advisory service

Penny is frequently contacted by parents and educators seeking advice in respect of gifted education, or a specific child. No two situations are the same but, often, Penny is able to assist them over the phone in an informal 15-minute conversation.

Sometimes though, parents in particular reach a point where they’d like to talk in greater detail or depth about their child’s needs and how best to meet these needs. In these circumstances, Penny is can have a face-to-face, phone or online conversation in a private advisory capacity. As you would expect, all such conversations are completely confidential. Following a Parent Advisory session, Penny will provide a written summary.Parents often tell Penny how nice it is to talk with“someone who really understands”.

If an assessment of giftedness is required, Penny will conduct this separately with the child. This assessment includes a report explaining the results and recommendations for the child’s educational needs.

If you’d like to talk about your child’s challenges and needs with Penny in this way, the first step is to contact her to set up a time. Penny will always endeavour to meet with parents in this way at her earliest available opportunity.

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