Classroom Resources

Here is a selection of the resources that Penny demonstrates in her professional learning workshops. Educators are welcome to freely download and use them - acknowledgement of the source would be appreciated.

Open-ended Question: __ + __ = 53This sheet includes questions to prompt and extend.

Open-ended Question: SmartiesThis sheet includes questions to prompt and extend.

Example of a rubric for assessing report writing (Level 2, Victoria, Australia).

Traffic Lights for instantly differentiated assessment and developing students’ metacognition.

Blank rubric grid ready to complete for assessment tasks.

Pro-forma for planning a differentiated unit or lesson.

Record sheet for differentiated times tables learning; Students learn at their own level and pace.

A blank checklist for differentiated assessing against specific criteria.

Learning diary for developing autonomy and metacognition in students.

Differentiated Learning Plan pro-forma(Individual Learning Plan) particularly suited for gifted students.

Independent project planner incorporating Blooms’ Taxonomy.

List of useful books with more information about and ideas for how to cater effectively for highly able children.

List of competitions suitable for gifted students including a large range of subjects and interest areas.

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