Maths Problem Solving Club

Weekly after-school club for kids who love Maths

Be challenged with Maths problems and improve your skills

Explore unusual Maths topics and be inspired

Do you love Maths and want to be challenged? Are you excited by the idea of solving unusual Maths problems and improving your skills? Would you jump at the chance to spend more time exploring interesting Maths topics? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, this club may be perfect for you.

In this club you’ll do some maths problems each week that will be challenging and interesting. The teacher will help you if you get stuck and show you new strategies for solving problems more efficiently. In addition, you'll be able to explore topics such as: How to create Maths tricks, making fractals, Fibonacci in nature, walking the Mobius strip and making and breaking secret codes. Other activities at the club include strategy games and maths competitions. As well as all this, you will get to meet other kids who love Maths.

Features of the Maths Problem Solving Club:

    • Weekly after-school club for students
    • Limited to small numbers to ensure personalised teacher attention
    • Each child will be challenged and supported at their own level
    • Participants will learn specific strategies and skills for Mathematics problem solving
    • Students will have the opportunity to explore new Mathematics topics
    • Children will be encouraged to think deeply about Mathematics concepts

How to know if your child may be suitable for this Program

Any child who loves Mathematics and shows high aptitude in the subject may be suitable for this program. You can discuss your child’s suitability for this program with their Mathematics teacher or bycontactingPenny. Assessments of children’s mathematical aptitude are available on request.

How to set up a Maths Problem Solving Club in your school

Penny is always looking to add enthusiastic new schools to the list of schools who host a Maths Problem Solving Club. Pleasecontact Pennyif you are interested.


To find out what Maths Problem Solving Clubs are running,contact Penny.

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