School-based Professional Learning

As a former classroom teacher herself,Penny recognises the value of professional learning for all educators.Penny conducts an extensive range of professional learning sessions - both within schools and externallyvia workshops at a range of organisations.

In schools, Penny is available to principals, assistant principals and leading teachers to discuss their objectives for professional development and their specific needs at a given point in time - this could be for a whole year or just one session. Penny is comfortable working with small or large groups - whatever suits the school best.

Penny's role is to work with school leaders to design tailored professional learning experiences that match your needs. When this is done well, the biggest difference evident in teachers is theirexcitement and confidencein how they’re teaching.

Here are some sample sessions Penny has developed and facilitated in schools. Penny will always refine sessions to suit the exact needs of a given school.

Read a selection of the feedback received from participants in Penny's sessions.

And learn about the sorts ofrelated services Penny also provides for educators.

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