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Penny now has a Facebook page and blog where she chats about aspects of giftedness, education and all things related. She’ll also share any interesting news or events coming up and a little personal artwork from time to time. Check it out byclicking this link:

All About Gifted with Penny Willoughby


Renowned in her field, Penny Willoughby is an Australian primary educator, tutor, professional learningfacilitator and educational consultant who is passionate about gifted education, personalising learning, creativity, innovation, numeracy teaching, problem-solving, thinking development anddifferentiation.

Penny's vision is to help children find their place in the world.

Inspired by excellence, Penny believes that:

  • Every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential
  • Every parent should have the information they need to best encourage and support their child
  • Every educator should have the specialised guidance they need to enable them and their school to succeed

Founded by Penny in 2006, Thinking Outside The Box professional education services gives life to her beliefs by providing quality, personalised services to parents, schools, educators and, of course, to children!

See below for specific information on:

  • Inspiring Tutoring
  • Professional Learning Facilitation
  • Parent Advisory
  • Consulting with Schools

Inspirational Tutoring

Penny loves working with children who needsomething a little different. Often this involves a gifted child who would benefit from Penny’s expertise in engaging and challenging them. Alternatively, a child may need support to build confidence and/or skills in Numeracy.Penny specialises in changing children’s self-perceptions as learners from negative to positive. She reignites their excitement about learning and shows them their own capabilities.

Successful tutoring is often about finding the right match between the tutor and child, and once this is sorted the results can be magical.

Time and again, parent feedback is that Penny changes children's outlooks and levels of engagement in their learning. Her approach is based on a thorough understanding of each learner and she adapts each learning program to the individual child's needs.

Tutoring can beonlineor in person depending on where you live and any current restrictions.

Professional Learning Facilitation

Penny particularly enjoys helping classroom teachers to build confidence and know-how in gifted education, differentiation, teaching open-ended maths, maths problem solving and thinking development.

For more details of Penny’s services - including sample sessions and feedback received - please see this page.

Penny has a number of opportunities available in the coming months. Please contact her to discuss your needs and how Penny may be able to help your school.

Parent Advisory

Parents sometimes aren’t sure how best to support their gifted child. It may be that they have just learned that their child is gifted and the learning curve for parenting gifted children can be huge. Alternatively, the parents are looking for ways to support their child’s school to provide a suitable education for them.

For an obligation-free conversation about how Penny can help you,contacther.

Consulting with Schools

If you know your school needs to make changes but aren’t sure where to start or how to implement them, Penny can expertly guide you through this process. Whether you want to enhance how you provide for gifted learners, improve your Numeracy program or create cultural change,contactPenny to discuss how she can assist:

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