Program Goals

The goals of the Thinking Outside The Boxschool-based (withdrawal)programs are to:

    • Develop deeper thinking habits and strategies.
    • Learn and practise a range of problem-solving skills.
    • Foster each child’s ability to work in groups of like-minded children.
    • Develop reflective skills and encourage students to challenge themselves in any learning environment.
    • Build children’s confidence in their abilities and increase their expectations about what is achievable.
    • Encourage each child to develop and pursue personal interests and passions.
    • Develop children’s skills at asking ‘good’ questions based on deeper thinking and evaluation.
    • Provide a forum for exploring what it means to be ‘gifted’ and developing a sense of support and community.

Thinking Outside The Boxschool-based (withdrawal)programs may include the following activities:

    • Use of a range of thinking strategies and learning habits.
    • Maths, logic and/or word challenges designed to stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.
    • Discussions that explore what being ‘gifted’ means and how to make the best of your abilities.
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