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9 February, 2017

Why identification and assessment of gifted learners needs to improve

Do you know for sure which of your students is gifted? I mean, every single one of them? I’m just not referring to the high achievers, some of whom may be clearly gifted. I’m referring to the underachieving and hidden gifted students. The creative, thoughtful, introverted, idiosyncratic or rebellious students who don’t stand out from the crowd as gifted, but who, by choice or due to structural obstacles, are hidden from our sight.

‘Why,’ some might ask, ‘do we need to be concerned about these students?’ Well, if we don’t recognise that they are gifted, then we won’t set suitable expectations or differentiate for their specific needs as gifted learners. Even worse, some of these students will appear to have average or even low capabilities and this may cause us to cater for them in the completely wrong way.

We need to address this by having clear and intentional identification methods in place for all students in our schools. This needs to start with the youngest students and be repeated for new students or any who we suspect may not have shown up in an earlier identification process. Teachers need to be conscious of this issue, discussing it with colleagues and initiating identification processes for those learners who don’t fit the obvious mould – and there’s a number of ways to do this.

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