Individual Tutoring

Penny provides individual private tutoring with a limited number of children of all abilities. Typically, some form of developmental goal is in mind - be it catching up on progress, preparing for an assessment or building confidence in underlying ability.

Most commonly, individual tutoring is conducted at the child's home. A benefit of this interaction is that Penny can spend time with the child's parents discussing their child's responsiveness and development path - parents are welcome to watch tutoring sessions too and can thus learn techniques to reinforce their child's learning.

The demand on Penny's time across her range of services necessarily limits the number of children she can take on with individual tutoring. If you are interested in enquiring about suitability and availability, please contact Penny to discuss your needs.

If Penny is unable to help you, she may be able to refer you to someone in her network who can. Depending on your child's ability and learning preferences, another option for parents to consider is small group tutoring which is an innovative approach that is producing some very dynamic results to date with Penny's gifted students.

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