Feedback Received

Here's a small selection of feedback received about theschool-based (withdrawal)programs from* children, parents, principals and teachers:

    • "I can’t thank you enough for running this program. The enthusiasm it engenders and the thinking that occurs is a joy to witness." (Parent)
    • "Chloe LOVED the program!" (Parent)
    • "We received your report today. It was very satisfying. You covered just the sort of things that we wanted to know. It is interesting that in such a short, but maybe intensive time, you managed to work out what Marcus is all about. I am very impressed and still thrilled with all you have achieved!" (Parent)
    • "Thank you for all the hard work you put into this program. We are grateful for Brad to have the opportunity to challenge himself in different ways." (Parent)
    • "Melanie said it was fun and seemed energised by being challenged with maths." (Parent)
    • "Penny is cool!" (Student)
    • "Maths ROX!!!" (Student on a maths program)
    • "Allie is so shy she needed something like this to give her confidence." (Principal)
    • "We’re receiving enquiries from new parents about the program. People are hearing about it." (School office staff)

*All names have been changed.

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