About TOTB All Day

Two outstanding teachers of gifted children,

One small class of like-minded students,

Four days of learning excitement!

Thinking Outside The Box All Day Program is different and unique. It has been designed to meet the needs of highly able (gifted) children, aged from nine to fifteen, who would benefit from personalised engagement and development in a small (8-14 students), dynamic group of like-minds. The program runs for four days and fosters the following learning:

  1. Thinking development and problem solving. This component of the program is designed to awaken and nurture students’ untapped problem-solving abilities, developing and using their creative, critical and analytical thinking skills.
  2. Concept-based studies. The students will explore a multifaceted concept (such as mysteries, magic or connectivity) and build an in-depth perspective and understanding of the topic.
  3. Exploration and development of individual talent. Gifted students are often told they are talented without understanding what this means for them or how to develop their unique talent. Teachers will guide students to discover their talent/s (or passions) and consider how these talents could create a sense of personal purpose. Each student will begin their journey by working on a project based on their choices and goals.
  4. Reflections on ‘giftedness’ and building resilience. Being gifted can prompt a range of questions and challenges that are difficult for children (and parents) to answer and deal with. The program will provide a safe environment of like-minds for self-reflection, sharing ideas and building a personalised Gifted Survival Pack for future reference.
  5. Part of becoming happily gifted is to celebrate your uniqueness and achievements with special friends and family members. In the final session of the program, invited guests will join the students as they share their personal journeys and accomplishments through the program. There will also be an opportunity for Penny and Christine to interact with parents.

How to know if your child may be suitable for this Program

This specialised program is designed to meet the needs of children who are ‘gifted’ (or highly able) and who may have different learning needs to other children.

‘Gifted’ refers to children who have an intellectual reasoning ability well above others their age – in the top 10%. Your child is likely to be suitable for this program if he or she is switched on by being intellectually stimulated, craves the company of like-minded children, has fast-paced or more in-depth learning needs and is looking to find their place in the world.

An aptitude assessment can be arranged if you are unsure about your child’s intellectual reasoning ability. You are also invited to contact Pennyto discuss your child’s suitability with her.

Parent Information Evenings

If you would like to find out more about the All Day program - or if you would simply like to hear more about giftedness and educating gifted children, from Penny and other acknowledged experts in the field - there are a number ofParent Information Evenings held each year.Teachers are also very welcome to attend.More information about these can be found here.

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