About the Programs

Parents are often looking for engaging activities to keep active young minds busy during the school holidays. Thinking Outside The Box has the answer with a range of exciting, fun and stimulating programs offered for highly able (gifted) children from 7 to 12 years old (Grades 1 to 6).

Introduction to ‘Thinking Outside The Box’ Holiday Programs

Thinking Outside The Box holiday programs aim to:

• Provide quality programs for highly able children in Grades Prep to 6, at an affordable cost to parents.

• Allow highly able children to learn in small classes of like-minded peers.

Thinking Outside The Box holiday programs are for children who have been identified as having high ability. The goals of the programs are to:

• Develop deeper thinking habits and strategies.

• Learn and practise a range of problem-solving skills.

• Develop reflective skills and encourage students to challenge themselves in any learning environment.

• Build children’s confidence in their abilities and increase their expectations about what they can achieve.

• Encourage each child to develop and pursue personal interests and passions.

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